Astor Multicare Changing Table

Mobile Height Adjustable Showering Trolley.

The Astor Multicare shower, changing and treatment trolley is not only a comfortable and efficient transfer mode, but also provides a safe, secure, and waterproof platform for treatment and care. Its height can be adjusted by an electronic handset control or by a manual hydraulic foot pedal, as can its Trendelenburg positioning.

Dual rocking-castor suspension on the Multicare trolley gives a smooth ride, even over difficult surfaces, and can be locked to secure the Astor trolley in a location.

The waterproof stretcher plate combined with powder coated stainless steel frame construction provides years more life than comparable mild steel trolleys – especially when used in wet or humid environments.

The Astor Multicare trolley also comes with 4 folding and self-locking guards, a 10mm laminated and waterproof platform, extendable head rail, drain hole with flexible waste pipe, and disinfectable PVC shower mat, making this an excellent option for use in all wet and dry environments.

The Astor Multicare is available in 2 lengths of 1600mm or 1900mm.


  • Safe Working Load: 165kg (26st)
  • Height Range: 540mm – 865mm (325mm)
  • Height-adjustable (electric or hydraulic)
  • Floor and ceiling hoist access
  • Eight double castors (4 lockable) for independent suspension
  • Flexible waste pipe
  • Folding and self-locking side rails
  • Removable head and foot rails
  • Powder-coated stainless steel frame
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg feature
  • Extendable head rail allows shower mat extension up to 2050mm
  • 40mm upholstered mattress (Multicare Plus)
  • Tilting platform – up to 15 positions (Multicare Plus)

Optional Extras

  • Sizes: 1600mm or 1900 (L)
  • Electrical battery or manual hydraulic operation
  • Waterproof wedge shaped cushion
  • Replacement rechargeable battery
  • External charging station

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