Ropox Mobilio Changing Bed

A movable and height-adjustable shower bed with first-class safety features.

Moving a user onto a shower/changing bed can involve lifting and inexpedient working positions for the care workers. The Mobilio shower/changing bed reduces the number of stressful working situations to a minimum. At the same time, it is a safe and pleasant experience for the users when they need washing or changing. The bench can be set to the right working height for the staff, and being mobile, it means fewer transfers. This is a plus for both the staff and the user. For example, you can move the bed into the bedroom, lower it to the correct height for the transfer and then raise it again and move it back to the bathroom.

The bench has a comfortable, practical and hygienic design. The water flows easily into the collection tray so that the user always lies in clean water. The rounded edges and corners of the tray are easy to clean, keeping a high level of hygiene.

The user lies on soft PUR foam slats that feel comfortable and warm against the skin. The slats bend slightly upward in the middle on one side. This makes it easier to help a user on the side when they need to change clothes. On the other side, the slats bend slightly down in the middle. This ensures that the user has a safe and secure position when they get help with washing.

The Mobilio shower bed can be adjusted 400 mm in height; from 590 mm to 990 mm, and has a max user weight of 200 kg. The height is set with a hand control, which is easy to operate for the staff. The height adjustment ensures that the staff can set the height to get the best possible working position.

The carer can lower the changing bed when a user needs to be assisted onto the bench. When the user lies on the bench, the staff can raise it to a height that supports a good working position. For the caregivers, it provides a better working environment because there is less physical strain during the workday.

The Mobilio shower bed does not compromise on safety features. The bed is made of durable, high-quality materials that last for many years of use. It is also possible to mount wheels with a central brake system on the base. This way, you can quickly stop the bench and bring it to a secure and stable position.

The bed is available in three sizes: 1460 mm, 1780 mm and 2100 mm. Enabling you to choose the right size for the user. Two bed guards are included, with end guards optional. For increased comfort, covers are available for the side bed guards.

For further support of the neck and back, you will find a backrest and a headrest in the range of accessories.


  • Available in 3 size options
  • Electric or battery option available
  • Adjustable to 20°, 40° and 60°.,back support option available
  • Safe Working Load: 200kg (31½st)
  • Height Range: 590mm – 990mm (400mm)
  • Height-adjustable
  • Handset operation
  • Floor and ceiling hoist access



Electrically height adjustable

Adjustment height

400 mm

Mains connection (V)

230 V

Maximum user weight

200 Kg


Pur slats. Vacuum formed plastic. Aluminium. Coated steel. Stainless steel.

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