Monarch Ceiling Hoist

The Monarch Fixed Ceiling Hoist offers a great solution for users with mobility challenges. It is designed for use by caregivers and health care professionals to lift and transfer a person in a homecare, assisted-living, hospitals or any multi-user environment.

From the first touch, the Monarch ceiling hoist is intuitive to use. No extraneous buttons and lights will get in the way of quickly operating the lift to move up and down and side to side. With the lithium ion battery at work, the lift requires charging far less often and can be charged very quickly when needed. Add to that a long product life span with fewer service calls. It’s built to be a lift that caregivers will love to use.

The Monarch Fixed Ceiling Hoist is one of the few ceiling hoists on the market using reliable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology. Most competitor products use Lead-acid (heavy, toxic, low cycle life) or NiMh. Benefits of Li-ion include: Proven technology: used by most tools, computers, medical and surgical equipment, Lightweight: Li-ion battery pack is 4 times lighter than lead acid for the same power, Higher energy density: allows more cycles with a single charge, Faster recharge: daily recharge in 15 to 30 minutes or less, No memory effect: long life and Green technology: recyclable, no lead.


  • Fast – lifts up to 30% more quickly than other models
  • Low lift clearance – slim profile means more room to manoeuvre patient
  • Li-ion battery – recharges twice as fast as average competitor products.
  • Lightweight – at just 17 lb, including battery, one of the lightest on the market and 35% lighter than average

Additional information


Monarch Fixed Ceiling Hoist


Patient Lifting, Room-to-Room Transfer

Total Weight:

7.5 kg (Manual) 8.5kg (Motorised)

Weight Capacity:

130 kg (Standard) / 200 kg (Optional)

Lifts per Charge:

30 to 40 cycles

Speed with 200 kg:

4.5 cm/s

Soft Start / Stop:


Emergency Stop / Lower:


Track Compatibility:

Compatible with many other leading track manufacturers


Nursing Home, Hospital, Domestic, School, Leisure Centre, Physiotherapy

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