Oxford Dipper Floor Sockets

For maximum flexibility when installing, the Oxford Dipper is available with 3 floor fixing options. This ensures the Dipper is suitable for use in any location.

The base socket of the Dipper is subjected to high loading during use. It is essential the immediate area around the socket is a good sound concrete construction able to withstand the substantial forces imposed. Inclusive Care Solutions recommend a structural engineer is consulted for all applications.

All installations should be tested (including a full safe working load test) to the manufacturer’s recommendations prior to hand over to the users, with particular attention being paid to the socket and surrounding concrete.

“A” Socket Fixing

This is the most commonly supplied socket and is fitted into a hole 90mm diameter, core bored into the concrete slab to a depth of 245mm. The socket is held firmly in place with a non-shrinking cement.

When correctly fitted, the top of the socket is 12.7mm below the floor level. Each socket is supplied with a blanking plug to prevent ingress of water when the mast has been removed for storage. When fitted, the top of the blanking plug is flush with the floor level.

“B” Socket Fixing

This socket is for use in swimming pools with a water channel around the edge of the pool. Basically, the “B” socket is an “A” socket with a plate which adds additional bracing. The “B” socket plate is fixed in place with six 15mm diameter expanding bolts of the raw-plug type.

As with the “A” socket, the “B” socket is supplied with a flush fitting blanking plug to prevent ingress of water

“C” Socket Fixing

This socket is surface mounted and stands proud of the floor by 150mm. It is used mainly where there is insufficient depth of concrete for “A” or “B” sockets. The “C” socket plate is drilled for four 15mm raw-plug type expanding bolts.

The “C” socket adds 150mm to the height of the mast. This alters the maximum height of the bottom of the chair (to 1033mm) and the lowest position of the chair bottom below floor level (to 764mm).

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